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Meet the Players in Projectland

Decide the Right Project Roles & Get People on Board​

In Projectland, Knowing the Players is Essential  

Because people will make or break your success on a project, it's worth investing the time to get the people part right. And just like any game, you need to know the roles and rules to win.

After reading this book, you will:

  • Understand why Projectland is different from business-as-usual

  • Speak the language of professional project managers related to roles and responsibilities on projects

  • Recognize key project roles and where you fit in Projectland 

  • Organize stakeholders into fun categories that will aid your communication strategies

  • Know what to do to get the right people in the right roles and focused on the win


Through clever animal avatars and colorful stories, you'll gain practical insights about the players you'll face. Plus, by magnifying your people power, you will exponentially improve your ability to navigate the tricky terrain of Projectland® with confidence.

Dawn Mahan, PMP is an award-winning consultant, sought-after international speaker, C-suite advisor, inventor of ProjectFlo®, founder of, and has trained thousands of professionals around the world.  

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The first, most important job that a manager has is fielding the right team.  The intent of this book is to help project leaders do just that.

Whitey Herzog
Hall of Fame baseball manager

Praise & Reviews

Though I write about workplace culture, and have had to spearhead major HR projects, I had no idea about project roles until reading Meet the Players in Projectland. Anyone can benefit from the insights in this book.

Steph Honami
Chief People Officer, Entrepreneur & Author of The Culture Conduit: Kindness is the Right Strategy

Skip the snooze-fest! This book is your wild guide to project success, with fun animal metaphors and practical tips to build winning teams.

Cornelius Fichtner

PMP, Host of The Project Management PodcastTM
Our Mission:
To publish content that helps people succeed
in Projectland.

Most projects fail.

But yours doesn’t have to.

Know the terrain.

Welcome to Projectland.

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Our books are written
by project people for project people.

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At Project Guru Press, our mission is simple:

To publish content that helps people succeed in Projectland.

Our books are written by project people for project people.

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